Benefit From Billions of Dollars & Decades Of Military Research Investment In Cell Influencing



Cold War: Spy vs Spy

US & Soviet militaries long used covert methods to harm their enemies. The power of the human mind has been used for decades to harm enemies by damaging their cells and immune systems. This fact is supported with 100,000s of declassified government documents describing the experiments including funding requests. 


Swords to Ploughshares: What It Means For You?

Simple. If US & Soviet agents were able to harm their counterpart's cells from thousands of miles away then imagine how simple it is to repurpose this technology to benefit you. Apply The Psychic Scalpel® Technology to eliminate your damaged cells and then boost your healthy cells with the Sublime Good® Technology. Simple & Effective.


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To Review Go To and search for STARGATEDataset 

Trillion Dollar Conundrum


I'm An Aging Billionaire...

Time stops for no man or woman so those with capital invest in quality of life extention solutions.  


Not Available

The sophisticated techniques and cocktail of drugs are not yet developed. It is highly likely that these drugs designed to kill damaged cells will also kill many of the good cells you want to keep. Not to mention the phenomenal cost for such experimental treatments.


What Now?

You Can Wait & Age Gracefully or...

Use extensively researched technology developed by the world's brightest minds over the course of decades which works without drugs or surgery and you can have it today, now.

More Current Science


Psychic Scalpel® Technology Removes Aged & Damaged Cells. The Sublime Good®  Technology Boosts OCT4 Repairing Your Body At The Cellular Level. You Will Look Younger, Feel Stronger And Eliminate Aged & Diseased Cells From Your Body.

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